Get answers. Save time.
Bica is a question and answer platform designed to save your team time by helping them quickly find answers to their questions, reduce shoulder tapping, and eliminate knowledge silos.
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Cut down on repeated questions
Seeing the same questions asked in Slack, emails, and in-person time and time again?

Bica acts as a single source of truth, eliminating repeated questions and helping your team quickly find consistent and agreed-upon answers they can rely on.
Stay focused
With the Bica Slack integration and Chrome extension, you can quickly find answers to your questions without leaving your workflow.

Whether you're a customer support agent using Zendesk or a Sales rep working in Salesforce, you will have access to the knowledge you need, in the context you need it in.
Eliminate knowledge silos
Using Bica, knowledge is easily accessible to your entire team.

New hires can get answers when they need it, customer support agents can access the collective knowledge of their team while working on tickets, and sales reps can have knowledge at their fingertips when responding to prospects.